CES 2018

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Come to CES 2018 and discover CRP USA and CRP Group’s innovative and disruptive technology

CRP USA and CRP Group return to CES (Las Vegas, NV, January 9th – 12th) for the third year in a row with Energica Motor Company INC. and they are ready to leave the attendees saying “whoa”.
CRP Group and CRP USA will be showcasing amazing 3D printed applications they manufacture, which this year includes the U.S. Premiere of Tundra, the functional prototype of Hexadrone’s first fully flexible and waterproof industrial drone. The drone’s body and arms are manufactured in Windform® XT 2.0 and Windform® SP.
Windform® XT 2.0 and Windform® SP are carbon fiber reinforced composite 3D printing materials from Windform family of high performance materials. Windform was created by CRP Technology, CRP Group’s specialized company in advanced 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions.

CRP Group and CRP USA will also exhibit the latest 3D printed end-use and prototype parts built from Windform.
CRP Group and CRP USA will show how Windform 3D Printing materials, which were originally developed for the motorsports industry, are now finding a diverse range of uses outside the race track. CRP Group, CRP USA and their highly knowledgeable staff will be displaying at CES 2018 the latest 3D printed solutions for the Aerospace, Automotive, Sport and Motorsports industries.

But wait, there’s more: CRP has always distinguished itself through new technologies and innovative processes. Now CRP Group is undisputedly a world leader in CNC Machining, SLS and DMLS.
The CRP-derived corporate experience and business culture are what helped Energica Motor Company develop and grow in a few years to become the first Italian manufacturer of high-performing electric motorcycles.

Energica took the electric field to another level, and this year has been chosen by Dorna as single manufacturer for FIM Moto-e World Cup that is becoming a reality in 2019.

At CES 2018 Energica will unveil Eva EsseEsse9, the first “old-school” electric motorcycle.
The name Eva EsseEsse9 is inspired by the real name of Via Emilia, historic road crossing the Italian Motor Valley. Inspired by historic motorcycles, Eva EsseEsse9 is a brave, enthusiastic and heartful motorcycle on which the structural components are in plain view for all to admire.
Eva EsseEsse9 will be on display alongside Energica Ego and Energica Eva, both sportbike and streetfighter models from Energica Motor Company.

Come discover this amazing Italian high-tech corner at CES 2018, booth #8910 TECH EAST, LVCC, NORTH HALL, 3D Printing Marketplace.