Windform. 3D Printing materials


Windform composite SLS materials were born from the study-research of R&D department of CRP Technology and international market needs. The CRP Technology’s Additive Manufacturing department gathers market requests for more than 10 years and passes them to the R&D department.

Who in turn develops new materials and services, through continuous innovation, to achieve always the maximum satisfaction of the service bureau, and gives the highest value for its final customers. Windform is the ideal composite SLS material that is able to satisfy the needs of international market of 3D Printing.

Windform XT 2.0
Windform® XT 2.0 assures the maximum mechanical performance for 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing. It is characterized by high stiffness, excellent strength and reduced weight.
Windform® XT 2.0 is the material chosen to build components examples include: intake manifolds, UAV parts, and air control ducting. It is also used in functional applications such as dyno tests, racetrack tests, on car parts and pre-series parts.
It is also useful to construct CubeSat’s, since it is able to create thin and tough components.

Windform SP
Windform SP is tougher material and it maintains maximum mechanical strength. Windform SP is a highly ductile material with top mechanical resistance, slightly lower than Windform XT 2.0. In addition it is waterproof with excellent sealing characteristics both to liquids (water, oil, gasoline, etc…) and gas.
Windform SP
can be used where there is high stress fatigue even in time type vibration or shock without the risk of breaking. Windform SP is perfect in functional applications, for example it is particularly suitable for underhood parts, such as intake manifolds. It is also used for UAV components and in dyno tests, racetrack tests and in small run production.

Windform FX BLACK
Windform FX BLACK is a new generation polyamide based material with a dark black color. It is characterized by exceptional resistance to repeated bending and torsion. The material shows excellent impact resistance even at low temperatures. Its consistency and behavior are similar to polypropylene and ABS injection moulded parts. Windform FX BLACK is perfect for creating accurate, reliable, and long lasting prototypes.

Windform LX 2.0
Polyamide based material reinforced with glass fibers. Windform LX 2.0 can be considered the excellent entry level with general characteristics, at a very good value.  It can be used in multiple applications, where a functional material is required. Windform LX 2.0 is also not electrically conductive.
Windform LX 2.0 has a good tensile strength thanks to the fiberglass. It can be CNC machined as all Windform materials. It has an excellent heat resistance with a melting point of around 180 ° C. It has a natural black colour and the surface finish makes it suitable for aesthetical parts (as well as very smooth: Ra = 1.5 microns). Windform LX 2.0 is suitable for applications that require high aesthetical properties. It is also possible to create functional parts that long last.

Windform GT
Windform GT is highly elastic and it is resistant to liquids.
Applications: it is highly elastic, therefore it is suitable in applications where the material must be flexible and resistant at the same time in order to avoid any breakage. It also has a further characteristic: it is waterproof even without the aid of surface treatments. In case of parts that have to be submitted to pressure that goes from 1, 2 or more bars, the Windform GT is the suitable material as it stops the air, water or other liquids through its “tight” structure.
It is also suitable in motorsport, air ducts, intake and cooling systems, the hydraulic ducts in contact with liquids or oils, in protective cover for sensors and for all applications that need a good flexibility and resistance to damage (for example: racing components near the ground). Moreover, the Windform GT is not electrically conductive.

Windform GF 2.0 is a polyamide-based material reinforced with glass fibers and aluminium.
It is a versatile material that can be used for multiple applications. The versatility of the product combined with the technology used allows for endless possibilities.

Technical Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Conformity are available.