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The Laser Sintering (LS) and 3D printing market has grown and so has CRP Group business. The CRP USA is equipped with a new laser sintering manufacturing machines for additive manufacturing and 3D printing service with Windform materials.

The aim of the company is to strengthen their US presence by providing the market a state-of-the-art Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing service through the use of the Windform materials, leading high performance materials for laser sintering machines.

With new projects and new developing perspectives in the field of Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing, the decision was made to start the production of LS parts to serve the US on site.

CRP USA has been the technological partner of several case-studies in space, entertainment, motorsports, automotive, design and UAV applications in additive manufacturing, gathering the interest of the most important bodies involved in 3D printing service.

CRP USA Facility Additive Manufacturing

CRP USA’s 3D Printing department is equipped with the following production printers:

  • 1 3D Systems Spro 60 upgraded to CRP specifications
  • 3 3D Systems Vanguard upgraded to CRP specifications (100 W Laser Power, high Speed Laser Sintering, intelligent thermal monitoring, the latest temperature sensors)
  • 1 3D Systems sPro230
  • 1 Farsoon 401