CRP USA protagonist at the 5th Annual JEC Americas Composites Show & Conferences

CRP USA protagonist at the 5th Annual JEC Americas Composites Show & Conferences
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CRP USA will be attending the 5th Annual JEC Americas Composites Show & Conferences from 3 to 5 May as exhibitor at booth #3718 and speaker. The show returns to Atlanta, GA, at Georgia World Congress Center with Focus on Composites Manufacturing and End-Users needs.

CRP USA will display the latest Windform Additive Manufacturing solutions for motorsport, space and automotive industry.

Windform materials are strongly used in high-performing sectors for their mechanical properties and CRP USA is considered to be the right technological partner when it comes to top level additive manufacturing.

The CRP USA team are thrilled to attend the show and will be on hand to discuss their practices with potential customers. This is CRP USA’s first time exhibiting in the Atlanta metro area, and it will be a good opportunity to meet and work with more clients in the South Eastern region of the United States.

CRP USA will display the latest solutions manufactured in Windform materials as Intake Manifold, PrintSat, CAN-SAT Dispenser.

Intake Manifold, made in Windform SP, showcases Windform being used in a high performance motorsports application. Also shows the durability, longevity, and toughness of the material. PrintSat (small satellite composed by card cage, propulsion unit, solar panels and made from Windform XT 2.0) shows off CRP USA’s works in aerospace. CAN-SAT Dispenser also made in Windform XT 2.0 is a dispenser for very small satellites and it is the result of a collaborative project between CRP USA and institution.

Moreover Stewart Davis, Director of Operations for CRP USA will illustrate on Thursday 05 May at 11.55 the paper “Racetrack to Orbit, an Additive Revolution” that will cover the application of Windform in space structures. Windform is a material family developed for motorsport, space, medical, automotive, aerospace and design that makes prototypes fully functional and end-use parts.

Initially 3D printers were used as an affordable and quick prototyping method. Now that a design for 3D printing methodology has taken hold we are seeing a new  philosophy moving from printing that enables parts to enabling entire new platforms with the use of reinforced composite materials.

JEC is the largest composites industry organization in Europe and in the world with a network of 250,000 professionals.