World Premiere @ CES 2017

World Premiere @ CES 2017
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CRP USA and CRP Group return to CES® for the second year in a row and they are ready to leave the attendees saying “whoa” with a World Premiere.
Imagine a Driver with dual 9-axis motion sensor, Launch Monitor, and a Professional Instructor seamlessly integrated as one – a golf club so smart that it can detect inefficiencies in a player’s swing and provide user-specific coaching and drills through an app that results in measurable improvements.
The first fully integrated golf smart club is made in Windform Additive Manufacturing and Titanium CNC machined by CRP Group on behalf of Krone Golf, and will be released worldwide in 2017.

At CES 2017, booth # 42909, Tech West – Sands Expo Halls A-D will be unveiled the functional prototype made from Windform Advanced materials for 3D printing and manufactured by CRP Technology. It is for “practice swing” on-site, with sensor active to take data in real-time. It will be shown in combination with KD-1 golf club, the world’s most advanced golf driver made in Windform SP material with precision CNC machined Titanium hitting surface.

The app will be able to show that the sensors are active and taking data in real-time.
The software is still in development and will be released later in 2017.

Come discover technologies and materials that have made it possible, together with the latest 3D printed end-use and prototype parts built from the Windform family of high-performance composite materials, cutting-edge solutions made with direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) technology, and the revolutionary Electric Superbike – Energica EVA, the newborn streetfighter with top-of-the-line components, high-technology and fast charge on board!

CRP Group, CRP USA, and Energica Motor Company INC. at the 3D Printing marketplace, Tech West – Sands Expo Halls A-D, at booth # 42909.

CRP Group and Energica spokespeople available for interviews:

  • LIVIA CEVOLINI Director Marketing & Sales at CRP Group and CEO at Energica Motor Company INC.
  • CARLO IACOVINI Marketing Director at Energica Motor Company INC.
  • STEWART DAVIS Director of Operations at CRP USA
  • ANDREW BAKER Southeastern Regional Sales Manager at CRP USA


Explore your possibilities with CRP USA

CRP USA returns to CES for the second year in a row to rock the world of the space industry.
At CES 2017 CRP USA and their highly knowledgeable staff will be displaying the Moorehead State University CAN-SAT dispenser built from the Windform family of high-performance composite materials.
It is a dispenser for very small satellites, a collaborative project between CRP USA, Bob Twiggs, Moorehead State University, TetonSys, and Amin Djamshidpour.
CRP USA works alongside key space industry leaders and at CES will show how Windform 3D Printing materials, which were originally developed for the motorsports industry, are now finding a diverse range of uses outside of the race track.

Based in Mooresville, North Carolina, CRP USA employs a highly skilled staff that specializes in the manufacturing and creation of end-use parts and prototypes built from Windform.

Windform 3D printing allows for the construction of fully functional and aesthetic parts in a very short period of time, and with maximum design freedom. Additive Manufacturing makes it possible to undergo completely customized production, from a CAD model to a finished part in just one step, and without requiring support tooling of any kind.

Outstanding technological news in sport equipment

CRP Group and CRP USA return to CES for the second year in a row with the purpose to rock the world of sport equipment: they will bring on stage innovative applications as KD-1 is.
It is the performance driver golf club co-engineered by CRP Group and Krone Golf.
KD-1 is the first 3D printed driver club head made from Windform high performance 3D printing materials with precision CNC machined titanium hitting face, manufactured by CRP Technology (CRP Group’s 3D printing specialized division) and CRP Meccanica (CRP Group’s CNC machining company).

“We see – commented Marc Kronenberg CEO of Krone Golf – the opportunity to do something revolutionary in the golf industry and design a superior product through the use of intelligent design, innovative materials, and high tech manufacturing methods thanks to the partnership with CRP Group’s specialized divisions.

Additive and Subtractive processes, along with the use of Windform 3D printing materials, have improved the speed, precision, design, flexibility and part optimization . By next month, the K D-1 will have been swung over 2,000 times, proving its strength and durability.

With CRP USA and CRP Group the world of tomorrow is @ #CES2017

CRP USA and CRP Group return to CES for the second year in a row with the purpose to rock the world of unmanned aerial vehicles.
From 5th to 8th January CRP USA and CRP Group will showcase innovative applications such as Parrot’s Bebop 2 body structure. Built with Selective Laser Sintering technique and innovative Windform GT Additive Manufacturing material by CRP Technology, it combines superior aesthetic results and excellent resistance to impact and temperature changes.

Parrot validated that natural frequencies of parts manufactured with Windform GT material were similar to injected molded parts with polyamide based glass reinforced composite material. Combined with FE analysis Parrot has reduced dramatically the development time.
Windform GT proved to be the only material for 3D Printing material able to overcome the rigorous testing carried out by Parrot’s technicians.

Find out the materials that shake the Tech industry up!

CRP USA and CRP Group return to CES for the second year in a row and they are sure to be the attendees’ new whoa-ment.
For all fans of Winter sports, for skiers attracted by innovation, for sporting goods dealers who require reliability, quality, accuracy, fast time to market: this is Easystand, the first 3D Printed skiboot in Windform material.
The entire structure of the skiboot has been produced with selective laser sintering technology by CRP Technology (CRP Group’s 3D printing division).
The innovation of this project consists of the use of 3D printing as the manufacturing process and the presence of three different skiboot insoles. Each one is higher in the front part compared to the rear part. This guarantees a much better fitting of the heel in the boot and a bit more space for the toes. The skier gets more pressure for the initiation of the turns, better grip, safer skiing, less injuries. The skiboot has a split insole and an integrated wedge. The wedge is connected with a regulator by a stick. By adjusting the regulator it is possible to change the wedge into three different positions while also changing the height of the foot in the boot.